Cross Country

Congratulations to Maricarmen Munoz, Briana Macias, Cody Marquez & Memo Soto for advancing to the Regional Meet! 

Varsity Results

Fabens Invitational
--Open Girls Division
 **Briana Macias-10th Place w/ time of 30'27"00
 **Maricarmen Munoz-24th place w/ time of 35'06"57
--Open Boys Division
 **Cody Marquez-31st place w/ time of 26'50"88
 **Alejandro Diaz-34th Place w/ time of 27'40"09
 **Memo Soto-48th Place w/ time of 30'03"88
 **Saul Rosales-59th Place w/ time of 34'55"75

Kendall Kidd/Coronado Invitational
--Open Girls Division
 **Briana Macias-44th Place w/ time of 26:29:24
 **Maricarmen Munoz-65th place w/ time of 27:32:11 
--Open Boys Division
 **Cody Marquez-70th place w/ time of 22:13:04
  **Memo Soto-88th place w/ time of 22:50:99
  **Alejandro Diaz-95th place w/ time of 23:02:23
 **Saul Rosales-141 Place w/ time of 27:18:38

Clint Invitational
Boys 5K Run
**Alejandro Diaz-284 w/ time of 22:37:70
**Memo Soto-304 w/ time of 24:48:13
**Saul Rosales-316 w/ time of 27:28:97
**Cody Marquez-N/A
Girls 5K Run
**Briana Macias-201 w/ time of 27:23.89
**Maricarmen Munoz-235 w/ time of 29:44.58
**Bianca Lujan-271 w/ time of 37:49.65

Lubbock Invitational
2A Girls Division
** Briana Macias-104 w/ time of 15:55.08
**Maricarmen Munoz-117 w/ times of 16:08.03
2A Boys Division
**Alejandro Diaz-102 w/ time of 21:53.3
**Cody Marquez-114 w/ time of 22:55.0
** Memo Soto- 120 w/ time of 23:35.3
** Saul Rosales-135 w/ time of 25:26.04

Pebble Hills Invitational
Burges/Jefferson Invitational
Ysleta/Hanks Invitational

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