School Board Named 2015 School Board of the Year

School Board Named Region XIX 2015 Board of The Year
2015 XIX 19 Board of The YearWhile the Students and faculty of Fort Hancock Independent School District was on summer vacation, our school board went through a Rigorous Interview and Selection Process over the summer and was found the Region XIX 2015 School Board of the year. We are very proud and thankful for all the hard work and dedication our school board has put in through years for the Fort Hancock students, staff and community making it the outstanding School District which it is today. The Fort Hancock School board members and places held are as follows:

Joe Rodriguez - Board President
Mary Alcorn - Board Vice President
Rick Baeza - Board Secretary
Tyler Reed - Board Trustee
Manuel Galindo - Board Trustee
Joseph Moseley - Board Trustee
Gale Carr - Board Trustee
Jose G. Franco - Superintendent

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